Structured Cabling & Fibre Optics

I4IT delivers a professional network infrastructure solution

I4IT specializes in CAT 5e, CAT 6 and CAT 6a Installations and Maintenance

I4IT strives to supply a complete LAN Solution whether it be Fibre, Voice (Telephony VOIP)and Data or any combination

We also supply the associated Cabinets, Patch Panels, Brush Panels as well as Fly Leads and Patch Leads to standard or custom lengths

FTTH/FTTS/Last mile installations

Floating Fibre

I4IT is also able to assist housekeeping, labelling and neatening up of the room

Data Center, Power and Cooling

I4IT has access to a range of UPS's and Generators, where we only recommend what is known, tried and tested

We will assist with the electrical reticulation where possible

I4IT will assist with all HVAC and cooling installation requirements

The aim is to provide our clients with an industry specific, high redundancy, fault tolerant and reliable solution

Fire Suppression

I4IT offers both active and passive solutions

I4IT can install Fire Detection and Suppression systems (FM200/HFC 227ea)

I4IT is able to supply and install Fire Rated - Doors, Drywalling and ceilings.

I4IT will also be able to assist with fire stopping and sealing

Raised Flooring

I4IT is able to supply and install various types and weight rated flooring

Various accessories are also available e.g. Tile Lifter, Aluminium Grilles and Floor Brush Panels

Environmental Monitoring

I4IT has both a wireless and wired system in our range of products, utilising either GSM or IP-SNMP based technologies.

Both types of system have sensors that cater to the basic requirements i.e. Humidity, Water, Main Power Failure, Temperature and the ability to connect to a current Fire detection and/or Suppression system

Access control and Surveillance

CCTV Perimeter solutions

CCTV In premises surveillance

Biometric and Proximity card access control

AV Solutions

All Audio Visual meeting and conference room related equipment to provide a customised experience to our clients

Meeting room booking systems

Video wall /Town hall solutions

Facilities Management

We have partnership agreements to provide a turnkey Building Management Systems (BMS) and/or Energy Management Systems (EMS)

We are able to provide PA Systems

Meeting Room booking solutions

Work space optimization

ICT Infrastructure Equipment

Not only are we capable of handling the backbone installation we can procure any Switches, Routers, Firewalls and Wireless networking equipment

We will arrange the installation and configuration according to our clients specifications

Services, SLA and Maintenance Agreements

I4IT also offers SLA/Maintenance agreements to provide peace of mind for our clients.

We provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance schedule on a Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual basis

Our services include Consulting and Design of the Data Center environment

We are able to Construct and Project manage a solution tailored for our client base

In short we can offer a Turnkey solution based offer to suit you.